Sustainability at Werner & Mertz:
What drives us.

Our Responsibility for More Sustainability

The family company steeped in tradition and now in the hands of the 5th generation is proud of its products’ ecological and social compatibility. We have always considered sustainability our foundation and strive to make a sustainable lifestyle feasible for the majority. Werner & Mertz wants to dispel the notion that a cleaning product cannot be ecological and effective as well.  To prove our point, we want to be at least one generation ahead of the existing ecological benchmarks in the development of all fundamental elements of our products, i.e., formulas, packaging and production circumstances.

As an eco pioneer, we want to promote market development with recyclable, that is, integrally sustainable and high-performance cleaning and hygiene solutions which are completely harmless to human life or Nature. We are therefore committed to long-term initiatives which often set standards for ecological feasibility far beyond our own brands and product ranges. Our Recyclate Initiative and the European Surfactants Initiative are just two examples. These initiatives are not just for the good of our customers and society in general, but also for our employees. The rigorously practiced sustainability philosophy is an ambitious undertaking for our medium-sized company and a source of motivation for our employees who work at developing sustainable, effective solutions.