Culture and Employees

Sustainable thinking and doing are at the core of our corporate culture. We measure all our decisions against the primacy of sustainability and promote sustainable ideas without fear of making rectifiable errors. This attitude not only shapes our relationships and cooperation but also informs our holistic view of individuals. We give every employee personal support and encouragement according to his needs and abilities. 


Corporate Culture

The Learning Organization is conceived as the central instrument we use to establish our corporate culture and related internal rules. We thereby reinforce the high value of sustainability within the company and in our daily work. The Learning Organization allows us to make appropriate adjustments in the processes of our company so we can meet continuously changing market demands.

During our development into a Learning Organization, we conducted workshops and interviews in 2019 in which we analyzed our corporate culture (strengths, but also what we wanted to change) and, in cooperation with top management, developed it into our target culture, that is, the culture to which we aspire. The values of our target culture are described in the categories of Goal Orientation, Cooperation, Innovation and Improvement, Personal Development, Performance and Leadership. Our maxim of sustainability stands above all of them.

Training and Personal Development

At Werner & Mertz it is our goal that every employee fully realize his potential. In accordance with the objectives of the Learning Organization, the company sets its stake on individualized, needs-oriented strategic development. This principle leads to greater satisfaction and motivation on the part of each employee, who, in turn, can contribute more to the success of the entire organization.

The central objective of our company in Training and Personal Development is the establishment of strategic personnel planning that offers attractive qualification and career opportunities. Implementation measures include function descriptions, a model for job roles, individual and departmental plans, qualification matrices, employee-supervisor talks, strategic successor planning and personnel needs planning.

To reach our self-imposed targets, we adhere to three central guidelines:

  • We continuously develop our professional, methodical, social and personal competencies in order to make the greatest possible contribution to the company’s success in an ever-changing environment of increasing complexity.
  • We assume responsibility for making our knowledge available in an appropriate form to the right group of people.
  • We support our colleagues in their further development by sharing our knowledge, giving constructive feedback and functioning as coaches.